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Die Hypothese ist oft: Reich wird nur, wer asozial ist. Deshalb muss auch, wer reich ist, asozial sein. Ganz so einfach ist es natürlich nicht. Aber vielleicht gibt es da ja trotzdem einen Zusammenhang? #ShareDichDrum

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Welcome @Jess!
You're the first to sign up to this humble entry point to the Fediverse.

May there be more friendly souls following your example 🎉

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Curious where the $16.50 on my self-published comic goes? I drew this to explain so you get an idea about the costs. #transparency (By the way, 955 books sold! 🎉 thank-you-thank-you-thank-you!)

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🎉1000!🎉 I'm so happy! Thank you!
Only 24h left before 'Special Launch Offer' sale ends.
Last chance to get the comic at $16.50 instead of $20.00!

It's finally time to get back into the fediverse. I have been tearing down my friendica installation and have decided to reboot with mastodon.
We'll see how it goes \[T]/

Welcome fediversonauts! Enjoy your time and please be excellent to each other.